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Manufacturer & Exporters Of Lab-Pharma-Hosp. Equipements.

Established in the year 1969, the company is continuously rising on the growth chart & setting very high standards. The key to this remarkebale growth has been the company's commitment to the developement of new products with latest technology, consistency in quality, service & customer satisfaction.

Our GMP & cGMP range equipments are designed to meet ICH, WHO, and USFDA compliant & regulatory requirements of pharmaceutical industries. All documents & procedure of IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ with SOP & all certification is available.

Our objectives & goals have been to attain the highest technical performance at the most competitive prices. In line with the diversited & expanding market demands, we have positioned ourself strategically with respect to capabilities to respond quickly to change.



21 CFR Compliance Software

1.  Browser Based Software.

2.  Graphical Analysis.

3.  Data Acquisition

4.  Real time Parameter setting.

5.  Changeable SV temp. from Software.

6.  Log Data, Event & audit Trail Data Recording.

7.  Auto Logout, Account Blocking & Reactivating Facility.

8.  Real Time Analysis.

9.  Password Encryption

10.  Secured Audit Trail(Alarm).

11.  Data Generated PDF Report.

12.  First Time User Login Change Password.

13.  Authorized multilevel Username & Password.

14.  Alpha Numeric Password & Password Ageing.

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