Autoclave (Steam Sterilizer)

Single Lever Lock Model - Fully Automatic

  • Fully Automatic Autoclave – most useful to sterilizer Lab glassware, Plastic Tubing, Liquid in sealed glass containers and many more uses.
  • Fully Argon welded to avoid steam and pressure leak.
  • Double walled in construction with Inner SS 304 Matt/Buff or Mirror finish.
  • A Special Box Type Outer GI / SS 304 body is provided with state of art control panel to avoid direct heated contact with main Jackett and double walled body of autoclave.
  • A unique single lever lock ensures easy lifting & closure of Autoclave door without leakage of Vacuum & Pressure.
  • The Temp. is being controlled by Microprocessor based PID Temp. Controller with Dual Digital Indicator and PT - 100 sensor
  • The cycle begins with press of a start Switch for fully automatic operation.
  • Automatic steam and air exhaust at end of cycle.
  • Specially designed heaters reduces power consumption.
  • Removable SS wire mesh/rod carrier supported on footed, SS frame in-built.
  • Water low level Alarm indication and heater cutt off facility.
  • Lid is equipped with pressure guage range 0 to 20 PSI, safety valve and exhaust valve.
  • Safety valve, Steam release Exhaust Valve, Vacuum breaker – for more safety.
  • Temperature Range: upto 1210oC. Temperature Accuracy: ± 1°C. Pressure Range: 0 to 20 PSI.
Autoclave Steam Sterilizer
Cat No.
Inner Size
Capacity Ltrs.
No. Of Shelves Basket
Steam Source / Supply
CIC 126 A
20" Dia x 20" Depth
35 Ltrs.
1 No.
2.0 k.w.
CIC 126 B
14" Dia x 22" Depth
55 Ltrs.
2 Nos.
2.5 k.w.
CIC 126 C
18" Dia x 28" Depth
125 Ltrs.
2 Nos.
3.5 k.w.
CIC 126 D
22" Dia x 30" Depth
186 Ltrs.
2 Nos.
4.0 k.w.


  • PRINTER OUTPUT facility required to record PV, SV, Actual Date/Time with variable print time interval, 5000 line memory & Audio alarm facility in case of memory full.
  • AUDIO ALARM facility to alert for Temp. Overshoot/undershoot.
  • 21 CFR PART 11 COMPLIANCE SOFTWARE for Data Management with F0 value calculation.
  • Temperature Scanner having 2 temp. probes to monitor and record temp. inside the equipment with printing facility.
  • Digital Pressure Indication.