Wrist Action Shaker

  • This newly designed controlled wrist action shaker provides constant motion, from gentle shaking to virulent agitation.
  • M.S./G.I. housing in Regular MODEL and choice for GMP MODEL having housing made of SS 316 / SS 304 Matt finish.
  • Side arm adjusts shaking amplitude and speed.
  • Maximum 300 stokes per minute.
  • Most suitable to operate with any standard small volumetric flask Erlenmeyer flask funnels or test tubes.
  • Operates on 230 volts.
Wrist Action Shaker
Cat No.
Model Flask Capacity
CIC - 100 A
250ml x 4 Nos.
CIC - 100 B
250ml x 8 Nos.
CIC - 100 C
250ml x 12 Nos.


  • 500ml & 1000ml flask capacity available. Prices on request.
  • Digital Timer of 99 Hrs 59 Min.
  • Digital speed Indicator/Controller.