Walk In Pharma Refrigerator

  • Double walled Inner made of SS 304 Matt/Buff finish and Ext. GI Powder Coated Shade in REGULAR MODEL. Inner/Outer made of SS 304 Matt/Buff finish in GMP MODEL.
  • High grade PUFF insulation provided in between the wall to minimize the heat loss.
  • The Temperature controlled by Microprocessor based PID Temperature with Dual Digital Indicator, PT 100 sensor.
  • The Cooling Kit includes hermetically sealed compressor, condenser, fan motor etc., are safely placed at back of the unit CFC free cooling system.
  • The Air Circulation is being performed by heavy duty motorized blower firmly installed at back or top of unit.
  • The heating is provided by U Type SS Air Heater.
  • A fully insulated door with view glass is provided for clear observation of test.
  • Temp. Range: 2ºC to 8ºC. Temp. Accuracy: ± 1ºC.
  • Suitable Rack Provided both the side to install the trays.
    • Safety controller with alarm incase of Temp overshoot / undershoot.
    • MCB.
    • Overload protector.
Walk In Pharma Refrigerator
Cat No.
Capacity CU CFT
Capacity Ltrs.
Inner Size (W x D x Ht.)(APP.)
Type / Chamber No.s
CIC - 123 A
54" x 80" x 80"
CIC - 123 B
80" x 80" x 80"
CIC - 123 C
100" x 80" x 96"
CIC - 123 D
80" x 160" x 80"


  • SAFETY CONTROLLER required to take over control in case of Temp. overshoot or if main PID Temp. Controller fails.
  • PRINTER OUTPUT facility required to record PV, SV, Actual Date/Time with variable print time interval, 5000 line memory & Audio alarm facility in case of memory full.
  • TOUCH SCREEN HMI facility
  • AUDIO ALARM facility to alert for Temp. Overshoot/undershoot.
  • TIMER facility.
  • 21 CFR PART 11 COMPLIANCE SOFTWARE for Data Management.
  • Standby cooling system.
  • Temperature Scanner having 4 temp. probes to monitor and record temp. inside the equipment with printing facility
  • PLC Based Touch screen Control System with printer OUTPUT facility.