Walk In Stability Chamber

  • Designed for testing product shelf – life, packing and electronic test.
  • Specially designed to meet ICH, WHO & USFDA requirements.
  • Double walled having Inner 304 SS chamber and Exterior finished in Powder Coated Shade in REGULAR MODEL.
  • Inner SS 304/SS 316 and Exterior SS 304 matt/buff finish in GMP MODEL.
  • The Temp. & Humidity controlled by Microprocessor based PID Temp. & RH% Controller with Dual Digital Indicator & PT – 100 sensor for Temp. & capitence type sensor for RH%.
  • Cooling Kit is CFC Free. The Cooling Kit includes hermetically sealed compressor, condenser, Fan Motor, etc. and are safely placed at back of the chamber.
  • Humidification through steam injection system. Humidity levels from 40% RH to 95% RH & depends on Temperature i.e. lower temp. lower humidity higher the temp. higher humidity. Humidity Stability :- 2% RH to ± 3% RH
  • Air Circulation system ensures more stability of condition & even distribution inside the chamber.
  • A Boiler Tank consisting of Water Heater having auto cut off facility with Audio Alarm for low water level.
  • Reservoir Water Tank having float Valve provided
  • Overload protection relay & time delay for compressor.
  • Temp. Range: 20ºC to 60ºC. Temp. Accuracy: ± 1ºC.
  • Humidity Range: 40% RH to 90% RH. Humidity Accuracy: ± 2% RH to 3% RH.
  • Suitable Rack Provided both the side to install the trays
  • Shelves are SS wire mesh/SS rod type with all units as standard.
  • A two pan glass window provided on door for clear observation of test. An ancillary type heater provided in between the glass to cut the condensation.
  • The illumination is provided through fluorescent tubes for clear visibility of test.
Walk In Stability Chamber
Cat No.
Capacity CU CFT
Capacity Ltrs.
Outer Size W x D x Ht. (App)
Types / Chamber
CIC - 121 A
54" x 80" x 80"
CIC - 121 B
80" x 80" x 80"
CIC - 121 C
100" x 80" x 96"
CIC - 121 D
80" x 160" x 80"


  • PRINTER OUTPUT facility required to record PV, SV, Actual Date/Time with variable print time interval, 5000 line memory & Audio alarm facility in case of memory full.
  • TEMP. SCANNER 4 Channel/8 Channel with Printer Output facility to record temp. & RH at various places inside chamber.
  • TOUCH SCREEN HMI facility.
  • AUTO CHANGE OVER to stand by Cooling System
  • GSM mobile alert.
  • 21 CFR PART 11 COMPLIANCE SOFTWARE for Data Management.
  • ALARM HOOTER facility.