Ultrasonic Bath

Table Top Cooling Model

  • Newly designed ultrasonic cleaner with Solid State circuitry 0 to 99 Minute Timer.
  • These cleaners function by means of Ultrasonic energy acting through a fluid medium.
  • Most useful to provide rigorous cleaning of Laboratory glassware and instruments.
  • Specially for cleaning items with crevices, corners or other inaccessible areas.
  • Tank made of SS 304 and Exterior also made of SS 304 matt finish.
  • With Microprocessor based PID Temp. Controller, PT - 100 sensor and SS cover lid.
  • Pulse sweep power for uniform distribution of ultrasonic energy is provided.
  • PZT type Transducers is bonded to the bottom sides of the tank.
  • Ultrasonic Generator is advanced latest MOSFET based SMP.
  • The Cooling Kit includes hermetically sealed compressor, condenser, fan motor etc. and are safely placed at side of the unit. Cooling Refrigerant is CFC free.
  • Drainage cock for outlet purpose is provided.
Ultrasonic Bath Table Top Model
Cat No.
Tank Capacity
Inner Size (L x W x D)
Temp. Range
CIC - 65 A
10 Ltrs.
12" x 9" x 6"
250 Watts
5oC to 35oC
CIC - 65 B
20 Ltrs.
18" x 12" x 6"
400 Watts
5oC to 35oC