Bulk Density Apparatus

  • This apparatus is designed to study the packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceutical & chemical powders.
  • Most useful in the fields of tablet manufacturing, capsules filling and cosmetics manufacturing.
  • The housing made of MS/GI Sheet duly finished in powder coated shade in REGULAR MODEL.
  • Microprocessor based stroke setting and stroke can be readed on Digital Display.
  • The housing and holders made of 304 in GMP MODEL.
  • No. of strokes can be adjusted between 1 to 999 strokes.
  • Suitable for 2 Cylinder of 50 ml or 1000 ml.
Low Temp. Bath
Cat No.
Stroke Length
Cylinder Can Be Use
Stroke per Minute
CIC - 98 A
50 mm
50 ml x 2
CIC - 98 B
50 mm
100 ml x 2