Block Heater

  • Specially designed for many clinical tests performed in laboratories including blood test in activation of cultures, incubators, enzyme analyses, melting and boiling point determinations, wet ashing, sample concentration, catalist digestion and many more applications.
  • Highly insulated chamber provide uniform and efficient heat transfer to test tubes.
  • Exterior body made of GI finished in powder coated shade.
  • Block made of aluminium alloy for excellent uniform temperature.
  • With Microprocessor based PID Temp. controller with Dual Digital Indicator.
  • Temp. Range :- 5°C above ambient to 250°C.
  • Temp. Accuracy :- ± 1°C to ± 2°C.
Block Heater
Cat No.
Block Size (W x L x Ht.)
Size Of Unit
Size Of Tube Can be Accomodate
CIC - 84 A
3" x 4" x 7"
14" x 8" x 10"Ht
19 mm x 6 nos. 150 mm
CIC - 84 B
3" x 7" x 7"
14" x 11" x 10"Ht
19 mm x 12 nos. 150 mm


  • Microprocessor based PID Temp. Controller with Printer output facility is required to record PV, SV, Actual Date/Time etc with variable print time interval, with 5000 line memory & Audio alarm facility in case of memory full.